International Debutante Cotillion

Monday, December 29, 2008
New York, NY

Forty seven young women of distinction from the United States and abroad made their bow to society at the 54th Anniversary of the International Debutante Ball and dinner dance at The Waldorf Astoria. The debutantes represent England, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Greece, and ten American states. Each debutante was accompanied by her own escort in white tie and tails and a military cadet in dress uniform who carried the flag of the country or state which she represented.

The International Debutante Ball was founded in 1954 as a charity. The International Debutante Ball Foundation supports numerous charities including The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, a home away from home for the military and their families.

Brendan Kelley, Steve Fainer, Derek Kelley, Bryan Koch, Tyler Dewechter
Mary Catherine Burdine,
Jonathan Stacey, Carson Fuller
Sally Phelan, Cornelia Frank,
Jonathan Stacey, Kristen Riesenbeck
Monica Meyer, Maria Ranzou, Kelly, Kathryn & Robin Drennon
Sara Kelly, Margaret & Teal Bradley
Ruth Kinsey, Tara Stack, George Allen White, Lydia Ohl, Patti White, George White
Joseph & Anthony Barkett, Jennifer Herring, Elizabeth Penniman, Sam Donovan, Ryan Small
Emily White, Kenneth & Fawn White
Jose Sanchez and Regina Seale
Margaret and Teal Bradley with Sara Kelly
Jeanne Lawrence, Paul Striker, Eve Patton, Ursula Striker, Noel Patton
Steve & Peggy McKnight & Leland Stillman
Lauren and Elizabeth Brown
Pompeyo and Nora Realuyo
Meredith Margrave and her mother
Lettie Noel and Pelagie De Magenta
Christine Biddle and Ivan Obolensky
Alexis, Alexis Loretta & Bonsal Glascock
Joe & Anthony Barkett,
Jennifer Herring, Sam Donovan
Julia Bradley, Arianna Deane, Margaret Bradley, Jeannette Pellizon
Patricia and Elizabeth Flatley
Pelagie De Magenta, Francis White, Lettie Noel
Dr. David Cheung, Amanda, Jennifer,
Adrian, Michelle Cheung
Brittany Patton - Hong Kong
Jim and Mary Kelly
Keith and Lisa Reed
Fritz Schurer, Julia Fritsch, Erik Olsen
Justin Gill, Robert Stone, Jeannette Pelizzon, Matt Song
Christina Huffington and Alexis Glascock
Kimberly Hays and Bill Scullin
Catherine Flatley and Marjorie Reed
Jeannette and David Pelizzon
Sheena Monnin & Frank Arlinghaus, Jr. MD
Kelly Cowan, Kyley Herring
JJ Whichard and George Allen White
Patricia Poekel, Anne Vahey Miller
Gregory and Margaret Hedberg
Danielle Fitch and Branden Patton
Jill and JJ Whichard
JJ Whichard, Abigail Tufts
Suni Ahn, David Margrave, Sharman Vesecky
Adrienne Stillman, Ghislaine Cardon
Anne Vahey Miller, Emily Denham
Kathryn and Kelly Drennon
Catherine Bradley, Monica Scroggin
Isabella & Olivia Mascheroni & Sara Kelly
Suzanne and Abigail Tufts
Kelly Drennon and Escort
Janet, Kimberly & Gary Mead
Audrey Smith and Tee Frank
Charlotte Drummond, Pelagie and Duchess De Magenta
Jennifer Ngyugen & Alexis Glascock
Bartholt Clagett and Emily White
Jenny Han and Patrick McCambridge
Pelagie De Magenta, Lettie Noel
Elizabeth Richardson and John Bonano
Noelle Herring and Dawn Herring
Jerry and Elizabeth Feblowitz, Cynthia Rapetti
Hayner Rude, Harrison Powers, Kimberly Meade, John Barrere
Jenny Han
Marion Sealy and Caroline Looke
Bill Daley and Anne Vahey Miller
Amanda and Jennifer Cheung - Hong Kong
Maria Irini - Greece
Phoebe Donham, Bill Brown
Gwendolyn Seale
Kathryn Elizabeth & Mary Kelly Drennon - Texas
Will Mack and Gwendolyn Seale
Kimberly Hays
Catherine Flatley and Adam Fry
Having a ball at the ball
Kristin and Charlie Ambrose
Jennifer & Chanelle Herring
Nora and Pompeyo Realuyo
Meredith Margrave
Kimberly Meade
Patricia and Charles Poekel
Cornelia Frank and Ann Hunter Van Kirk