Horizons Benefit with Edie Brickell

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Greenwich, CT

Five hundred patrons gathered at the Greenwich Hyatt to raise money for Horizons, a program located on the campus of New Canaan Country School, which serves educational needs of low income area children from Stamford and Norwalk. The Grand Ballroom, festively strewn with pink and orange flowers, tablecloths and leis, was the stage for a rocking performance by celebrated singer/songwriter Edie Brickell. After dinner and testimonials from Horizons kids, Brickell took to the stage with a repertoire including, "What I Am." In a surprise guest appearance, Paul Simon appeared and the couple performed several numbers including a duet of "Dream" by the Everly Brothers.

"We think we exceeded our goal of $400,000, which keeps our program funded for two years. 350 kids from low income homes will have a shot at college and a better life," said New Canaan resident Sarah Casey , who co-chaired the event with Anne-Lie Kleeman.

Edie Brickell and Paul Simon
Anne-Lie Kleeman, Leah Kimmet, Sarah Casey
Kristen Rodgers, Olivia English
Heather Raker, Lynne Byrne
Annette Ross, Kate Burt
Louise York, Martha Lane
Alec and Sarah Casey
Rick and Anne-Lie Kleeman
The Committee
Alec and Sarah Casey, Rick and Anne-Lie Kleeman
Andy and Liz Johnson
Libby Hudson, Marc Schoenholtz, Brooke Connors
Jane Schoenholtz, Claire Salvatore
Doug and Aimee Mullen
Lynn Quinn, Lisa Sparks, Jen Zonis
Thelma and Warren Serenbetz, Elizabeth Evans
Shiva Sarram, Sarah Casey
Carolyn Jeffrey, Lynn Quinn, Louise York, Diane Consoli
Jed & Kerry Stevens
Alec Casey, Steve Rodgers
Deborah and Craig Thompson
Courney and Jay Kleeman, Elizabeth Evans
Wendy Baker, Mary and Jim Himes
Jeff and Angela Laliberte
Matt and Kirsten Roslyn
Peter Rathbone, Perry Caminis
Monee Reed, Joan Guzzetti, Jasmine Nelson, Tayana Green, Bill & Marianne Buchanan
Lucy and Steve Galbraith
Ashraf and Saira Risvi
Leah Kimmet, Jim Himes, Lisa Bazemore
Diane Caminis, Laura Cramer and friend
Gary and Liz Anderson
Ian and Karen Mullen
Libby Hudson, Josh Ziac, Suzy & Matt Taylor
Tina Jones, John and Whitney Lancaster
Tom and Lynn Quinn
Tim Bazemore, Jacqueline Jeffress
Bob and Heather Mylod
Darby Fox and Grant Dewey
Sharon and Allan Arellano, Tatyana Mendoza
Denis and Victor Gomez, Blanca and Carlos Munoz
Alice Mahoney, Janet Defrino
Sean McManus and Tracy McManus
Laura Parker, Kathy Ventura, Mariko LeBaron
Jon and Annie Burleigh, Brian and Jane Williams
Lucy Ball, Janet Defrino
Annie Burleigh, Sarah Casey
Greg Walters, BB McLeod, Torrance York
Jill Iscol, Pat Oaks, Peter and Jo Ziesing
Anne Stewart, Pete Wyman
Lisa Schultz and Carolyn Jeffrey
Darby Fox, George McGinniss, Carolyn Arntzen, Christina McGinniss
David Ball, Kristy and Rob Harteveldt
Randy and Claire Salvatore, Rachel and Chris Baker
Sarah Casey, Jill Stevens, Dick & Anne Cohen, Anne-Lie Kleeman
Lily Citren, Lulu Simon
Tim and Lisa Bazemore, Peter Rathbone
Alanna Rathbone, Alice Wyman, Caroleigh Evarts
Gary and Pam Kimmet, Robert and Carol Stein
Teresa Fellows, Olivia and Scott English, Cathy Ventura
Sarah Casey and Ginny Pracillio
Edie Brickell
Andy and Liz Johnson
Edie Brickell and the band
Edie Brickell
Edie Brickell and her mother
Edie Brickell and her mother
Tim Bazemore
Marc and Mimi Tabah
Liz Johnson
Julie Bostwick, Lucy Ball
Paul Simon
Andy Johnson receives cake from Paul Simon
Edie Brickell and Paul Simon
Elissa Mellinger and Louise York
Sarah Casey, Edie Brickell, Anne-Lie Kleeman
Scott and Davinn Lilley, Rachel and Chris Cacciato