Greenwich, CT

Greenwich celebrated Fashion’s Night Out on September 8, kicking off the festivities with a live red carpet runway show down the center of Greenwich Avenue, bringing the catwalk to the sidewalk and featuring nearly 50 models form local stores. The fashion show was hosted by FNO Greenwich Honorary Chairman, First Selectman Peter Tesei and Suni Unger, Founder and CEO of Serendipity Magazine. The party continued after the show with open house festivities in locations up and down Greenwich Avenue including live entertainment, fashion presentations, trunk shows, makeovers, cocktails, restaurant tastings, and more. Fashion show participants included Saks Fifth Avenue, Richard's, Vineyard Vines, Anne Fontaine, Baccarat, 25 Park, Stuart Weitzman, Togs, Shoes and More, Olivine Gabbro, Lucy, Betteridge, Lilly Pulitzer, Crave, Polaryn O. Pyret, Sophia's, Wish List, and Amy Matto. Fashion's Night Out is an unprecedented global initiative originally created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence and boost the industry's economy. In the United States, the program is a collaboration between Vogue Magazine, NYC & Company, and the City of New York.

Diane Lovanio and Marisa Vinci
Demi Kunkel, Christina and Julianne DeBenedetto and Sara Szagos
Elizabeth and Diane Leykem
The Marcel Family
Geri Corrigan, Joseph Murray, Billie Messina
Sarah Crabtree, Erin Gallagher, Kara Gallagher and MacKenzie Nocek
Ina Burton and Jove Czapla
Julie Church and Ginny Hughes from Olivine Gabbro
Sonia Hedvat with her models from Crave
Crave Models
Sophia's Costumes
Billie Messina, Peter Tesei and Mary Ann Henry
Christa Hartch and Tia Mahaffy from Olivine Gabbro
Aundria Amim and Tia Mahaffy from Olivine Gabbro
Mary Ann Henry, Peter Tesei, Billie Messina, Geri Corrigan, Suni Unger
Nancy Long, Maria Whitman, Vivianne Barreto
Holly and Harper Robinson
Alyssa Keleshian Bonomo and Friends
Kathy Palman, Julie Nelson, Pamela Pell, Shelly Tretter Lynch and Lola Carson
Geri Corrigan and Perry Brittis
Peter Tesei and Alyssa Keleshian-Bonomo
Jane Kickham, Carol Ferrandino and Lorraine Nadeau
Geri Corrigan and Mary Ann Henry
Sarah Beth, Kate and Olivia Brecht
Tuly O'Neill, Amanda Tapiero, Bettina and Scarlett Tapiero and Julia Blank
Roberto Fernandez and girls
Lindsay Waterbury, Linda Waterbury and Maria Turkel
Tuly O'Neill, Amy Carbone and Carlos Soares
Julia Conforti, Delilah Brien, Bettina and Scarlett Tapiero and Julia Blank
Natalie Ozendo and Danielle A. Bonilla
Liz Crowley and Alexandra Mouskountakis
Lola Carson, Pamela Pell, Shelly Teretter-Lynch and Patricia Ekval
Nancy Long, Caroline Jones, Liz Lee, Billie Messina and Geri Corrigan
Morgan Pitalla, Nicole Pitiger, Chantelle Rowley
Melissa Norrgard, Julie and MacKenzie Nocek
Caroline Jones
Natalie Ozendo and Friend
Geri Corrigan and Perry Brittis
Delamar Spa
Team Becker Salon
Team Lolita
Emily Henry and Marisa Vinci
Breanne Elias with Hollywood Pop Gallery, Le Pop Nouveau
Emily Henry and Marisa Vinci
Donna Oropall and Beth Wright
Main Street Connect
Tracey Thomas, Matthew Sturtevant, Geri Corrigan, Perry Brittis, Becker, Michael Woodsite, Tamara Ketler
Ellen Papanicolaou, Catherine Polkinghorne, Ashley Cole and Susan Ridenour
Robin Ann Boyle and Cindy Morabito
Lucy Anda and Kicki Armstrong
Grace Evans, Isabel van Paasschen, Louise Brito and Maria Elena Ubina
Bridget Bucknall, Anne Rohrbach, Laurette Kittle, Sonia Jones, Geeta Ashra
Joseph Murray and Jenni Cosenza
Rosa Petriello and Angessa Lynn from Arthur Murray Grand Ballroom of Greenwich
Sarah Christiensen, Claire Eelman, Crystal Reinwald and Stacy Sears
Debbie Caputo and Maureen Gorgonne
Jacqueline Roth and Laura Rothman at Tory Burch
Samantha Joseph, Miranda Palm, Tiffany Dykman, Emmy Toussaint, Sonia Zamore at Anne Fontaine
Deborah Ries Courtney Plumb and Lorraine D'anchise at Baccarat
Leighanne Rowinski, Jay and Jacy Stauffer, Laura Dunne
Jenny Clark, Katie Nelson and Ingrid Davis
Annette Fiore, Maria Turkel and Sophia Park